Pentadactyl is a free browser add-on for Firefox, designed to make browsing more efficient and especially more keyboard accessible. Largely inspired by the Vim text editor, the appearance and finger feel should be familiar to Vim users.

If this is your first time running Pentadactyl, you may need some time to adjust to the standard interface, which hides the menu, navigation, and tool bars by default. If you find it uncomfortable to work without them, you can re-enable them by typing

:set guioptions+=mT<CR>

If you have trouble remembering commands or keyboard shortcuts, you can bring up this help page at any time by typing :help or <F1>. If you find that you don't like Pentadactyl at all, you can disable it by typing :extdisable Pentadactyl or delete it entirely by typing :extdelete Pentadactyl

Help topics

  1. Quick-start tutorial: A quick-start tutorial for new users.
  2. Starting Pentadactyl: How Pentadactyl starts up, where it reads the config file, etc.
  3. Browsing: Basic key mappings and commands needed for a browsing session (how to open a web page, go back in history, etc.)
  4. Buffer: Operations on the current document (scrolling, copying text, etc.)
  5. Command Line mode: Command-line editing.
  6. Editing text: Text area and input field editing.
  7. Options: A description of all options.
  8. Text search commands: Searching for text in the current buffer.
  9. Tabs: Managing your tabbed browsing session.
  10. Hints: Selecting hyperlinks and other page elements.
  11. Keyboard shortcuts and commands: Defining new key mappings, abbreviations and user commands.
  12. Expression evaluation: Executing JavaScript.
  13. Marks: Using bookmarks, QuickMarks, history and local marks.
  14. Repeating commands: Using macros to repeat recurring workflows.
  15. Automatic commands: Automatically executing code on certain events.
  16. Printing: Printing pages.
  17. Pentadactyl's GUI: Accessing Firefox menus, dialogs and the sidebar.
  18. Styling the GUI and web pages: Changing the styling of content pages and Pentadactyl itself.
  19. Error and informational messages: A description of informational and error messages.
  20. Privacy and sensitive information: How to manage your private data while browsing.
  21. Developer information: How to write plugins and documentation.
  22. Various commands: Other help which doesn't readily fit into any other category.
  23. Plugins: Documentation for any plugins you have installed.
  24. FAQ: Frequently asked questions.
  25. Version information: A detailed list of differences between each of the released versions of Pentadactyl.
  26. Index: An index of all commands and options.

You can also jump directly to the help of a specific command, key mapping, or topic via the :help command.

:help :help


Official Plugins

In case you're not sufficiently overwhelmed by Pentadactyl's default feature set, don't despair. You can find more entertainment in the officially supported (read: you can flame us when they stop working) plugins.


Please send comments, questions, or patches to the mailing list, where we will do our best to answer any inquiries. You can also find more information on the homepage. Issue reports can be entered in the issue tracker.